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J.A.C. Kennels


General Appearance: The Maltese is a toy dog with long, silky, white hair. The tail is a long-haired plume carried gracefully over the back. They are gentle-mannered and affectionate, eager and sprightly in action, and, despite their size, possessed of the vigor needed for the satisfactory companion.

Coat: The coat is single, that is, without undercoat. It hangs long, flat, and silky over the sides of the body almost, if not quite, to the ground. The long head-hair may be tied up in a topknot or it may be left hanging.

Size: The Maltese is a small toy breed. Most Maltese will be 7lbs or less when full grown. For comparison sake, for example, a 4 to 7lb Maltese would be smaller than most common house cats.

Temperament: Despite his size the Maltese is without fear. His trust and affectionate responsiveness are very appealing. He is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, yet he is lively and playful as well as vigorous. He has a great temperament, happy disposition, vivid expressions, and is great with children.