J.A.C. Kennels

Bichon/Shih tzu Cross

General Appearance: The Bichon Frise/Shih tzu cross ("Little Teddy Bear") is a white, powder puff dog with black or tan markings. The Bichon/Shih tzu cross does not shed and is great for people with allergies.

Size: The adult dog is sturdy and muscular, approximately 9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulders. They generally weigh 11 to 14 pounds.

Color: Color is white with black and/or tan markings.

Temperament: Gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate. A cheerful attitude is a hallmark of both the Bichon and the Shih tzu, making for a great temperament in the mixed breed. He generally has a happy disposition, vivid expressions, and is great with children.